Superdrug – Mini Skincare Haul

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    mini haul

    Hi, lovelies! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the weather we’ve had recently since the sun finally decided to come out. Earlier today I decided to go into Superdrug and have a look at some of the highlighters and face masks. I feel like with the warmer weather, I really want to make sure my skin is looking it’s best. I ended up buying a few different products that I’m so excited to try! Continue reading

    May 8, 2017

    The Blogger Tag

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    the blogger tag

    I was tagged by the wonderful Cassie over at ZombieGoddess Beauty for ‘The Blogger Tag’! Thanks so much for nominating me Cassie, I’m excited to answers these questions because they look great! Continue reading

    May Update & Looking Forward

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    may update

    Today is the first day of May and I’ve got very mixed emotions. Usually, the first day of a new month is so exciting; it’s time to start fresh with a whole new set of goals, but May has been the month I’ve dreaded for a while now.

    I took a break from university in November and although I don’t start back until September, I’ve decided I wouldn’t start to think about or prepare for uni until May. It always felt like May was so far away so it meant I could put it all off for as long as possible but now I’ve woken up and here we are. Continue reading

    April Favourites 2017

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    april favourites 2017

    I can’t believe it’s time for another favourites post! It honestly feels like I was writing up my March post just yesterday!

    April seems to have went in mega fast-forward for me, I don’t even remember anything that’s happened! Hopefully though, now that we’re heading into May the sun will follow and the cold/rain will disappear in time for some real spring-time weather but I won’t hold my breath. Continue reading


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    Today I feel light.

    Open wings, take flight. Continue reading

    April 26, 2017