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Hi, lovelies! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the weather we’ve had recently since the sun finally decided to come out. Earlier today I decided to go into Superdrug and have a look at some of the highlighters and face masks. I feel like with the warmer weather, I really want to make sure my skin is looking it’s best. I ended up buying a few different products that I’m so excited to try!

I’ve never written a haul post before so I thought it’d be nice to start out with a just a few products instead of going wild and rambling for days.

MUA Luxe – Strobe and Glow Highlight Kit in ‘Pink Luster’ (£4)

mua luxe

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous highlighter! I’ve tried one MUA highlighter before, but it’s a really liquid-y formula and a shimmer-y gold colour. It’s pretty but I feel like it looks too much on my pale skin so actually use it as an eyeshadow!

The Strobe and Glow Kit is split into two sections, so when you first open it there’s the powder.

And then you can flip the powder section up to find the cream product underneath.

I haven’t tried this product yet, other than some swatches, but straight away I’m in love with how pigmented it is.

mua luxe

I love that there are two options with this kit and I think that they are both gorgeous! The cream highlighter is quite pink in colour, so I’m not sure if I’d wear it as an everyday highlighter but after blending it goes more shimmery. It’s a really weird consistency though, I’m so used to trying powder or liquid highlighters so I’m interested to see how this looks on my face.

With the powder, I have no complaints and I can’t wait to try it out! It’s such a beautiful shimmery highlighter and the pink colour is really muted so I think it’d give a lovely glow perfect for this time of year!

Superdrug Own Brand Face Masks

Next, I headed to the skin care aisle to pick up some new face-masks. I really like using Superdrug’s own ones as I think they’re really great for the price and there’s a really good variety of masks to pick from. I decided to pick up 3 that I haven’t tried before so I’m looking forward to trying these out of the next few weeks!

Argan Oil Clay Mask (99p)

argan oil

I’m looking forward to trying this out as I tried the Superdrug Dead Sea clay mask a few weeks ago and it left my skin feeling super smooth and fresh. I use argan oil on my hair too, I have a hair oil to add some moisture and then an argan oil heat spray as well which have both left my hair in great condition so I’m looking forward to seeing the effects on my skin!

Fruit Sorbet Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask (49p)

fruit sorbet

This is the first face mask I picked up and the one I’m most excited to try! Firstly, I love peel off masks! I think they’re so satisfying to remove and I love the way they make my skin feel. Usually, I don’t go for fruity scented skin care products, but the ‘fruit-sorbet’ and berry theme really got me interested. I love all kinds of berries, especially on sunny days, so I can’t wait to try this out and smell like one too!

Orange and Black Lava Exfoliating Mask (99p)

black lava

Honestly, I think this one sounds kinda scary, but I’m also really intrigued by it! As soon as I seen ‘exfoliating’ I was immediately sold because I tend to get quite flaky skin around my nose and chin in warmer months. I have no idea what black lava smells like, I think I’m imagining a dark chocolate orange scent, but I’m not sure what to expect at all.

Vitamin E 360 Spray-On All Over Body Lotion (£2.99)

vitamin e

I’ve had my eye on the Body Shop’s Vitamin E range for a while, but I always get so scared to try new skin care, especially when it’s a bit pricier (over £5) so I thought this would be a good place to start. I’ve heard that vitamin E is perfect for making your skin smooth, hydrated and glowing so I’m hoping that I get those results from this! This was such a good price as it’s part of Superdrug’s own range.

I tend to get a lot of skin irritation on my legs during warmer months which has always been undiagnosed so I’m hoping this can help keep my skin moisturised and hopefully itch-free. I spent most of the past 2 summers at the doctor’s with red, itchy and blistered legs and eventually left with no cure or advice as no one knew what was causing it. It seems to calm down over colder months, so I’m not sure if it’s heat-related but it has made my legs super painful over the past few years so I’m keen to try anything new that might help solve the problem!

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion – Light Sun-Kissed Look (£2.59)

garnier sun kissed

This was a total impulse buy. It was on the shelf next to the Vitamin E range and I was tempted by the low price and summer themed bottle. This is strange for me as I’m super pale, always have been and I totally love it.

I’m a fake tan virgin and it’s not something that’s ever appealed to me at all, but sometimes I think change is good. I picked up the ‘light sun-kissed look’ but there was also a ‘deep sun-kissed look’ which just sounded a bit too intense for me. I’m not sure what I’m expecting from this, but as I’m so pale my shoulders and legs are prone to some red bumps/patches so I’m hoping that more of a glow will make the redness less noticeable.


Have you tried any of these products?


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May 8, 2017
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  • Reply Tiffany

    I love the Garnier Lotion! I used to use it all the time, I really need to get more soon! It’s brilliant for people like me who have never used fake tan before, it just builds up a light tan gradually, it’s so nice 🙂 Also this has reminded me I need to get some more face masks! I haven’t tried the Superdrug ones before, they’re such good prices so I’ll have to get some next time I’m there 🙂

    Tiffany x
    Tiffany recently posted…The Potato Project Soho London Review*My Profile

    May 8, 2017 at 4:01 pm
  • Reply abbeylouisarose

    The Superdrug face masks look like fab value!! I’ve seen that they do white chocolate masks which I’m really desperate to try! The spray on vitamin E stuff looks great as well, an ideal product for lazy people like me hehe!

    Abbey 💓
    abbeylouisarose recently posted…Grant My Birthday Wish?My Profile

    May 8, 2017 at 5:05 pm
  • Reply Velvetblogs

    I recently purchased the fruit sorbet mask too!! I’m yet to try it but it sound amazing x

    May 8, 2017 at 5:05 pm
  • Reply lois

    That looks like a great highlighter, and in my price range as well haha! I also use the fruit sorbet antioxidant peel-off mask. I prefer these to the clay ones. They have a honey one as well I think it is, thats a great one as well.
    Great read,
    Lois x

    May 8, 2017 at 5:23 pm
  • Reply Britt

    I love that Garnier lotion! I go from Casper the Ghost to a crispy lobster so quickly, and I’m not a huge fan of over the top spray tans. This one gave me a nice light, even tan that helped to hide the Casper legs haha!

    Britt |

    May 8, 2017 at 5:26 pm
  • Reply Chloe

    Hi, I need to try the Garnier summer body lotion as my legs need a bit of colour and a great price to, Chloe #TeacupClub

    May 8, 2017 at 5:43 pm
  • Reply Thoroughly Modern Emily

    Those masks all look so fun! I’m also a huge fan of the peel-off type, since they really are just more fun to use. I’m interested to hear what you think after trying them all!


    May 8, 2017 at 5:47 pm
  • Reply Rachael

    This is a great haul! I love the sound of the spray on moisturiser, definitely sounds like something I’d love, excited to hear how you get on with it!
    And the same for the garnier tan, like you I’m super pale so interested to see what this tans like!
    PaleGirlRambling xo
    Rachael recently posted…Cleaning makeup brushesMy Profile

    May 8, 2017 at 5:52 pm
  • Reply Natalie

    Loved reading about your SuperDrug haul! I haven’t tried any of these products but I look forward to hearing how they work for you!!

    May 8, 2017 at 6:00 pm
  • Reply Claire Ray

    I love Superdrug and I love face masks too! Great haul x
    Claire Ray recently posted…The Blogger TagMy Profile

    May 8, 2017 at 11:18 pm
  • Reply lola bellouere

    I have tried the gradual tan but its came off when I was on holiday looool .. strange right. I love the look of that highlighter kit and the fact you have powder and cream in one 🙂 x

    May 9, 2017 at 8:47 am
  • Reply Natasha

    I love the powder part of the MUA highlighter! Every time I go into Superdrug I pick their face masks up but I always end up putting them down, next time I go I will definitely buy them!

    Tasha x

    May 9, 2017 at 10:03 am
  • Reply Experiências e Constatações

    Lovely products! Never used any of them
    Let me just suggest something for the issue with your legs (if you haven’t done this yet): try a body lotion for atopic skin or skin with eczema. It could calm your skin.
    Experiências e Constatações recently posted…REVIEW: L’Oréal Infallible 24H-Matte FoundationMy Profile

    May 9, 2017 at 11:17 am
  • Reply Katie

    I love that summer glow moisturiser! Always have to have it in, simply because it’s great for when you’ve a night out coming up and you don’t want to fake tan, but you also don’t want to glow in the dark. Those face-masks have made me want to go buy some for a bit of a pamper night!
    Katie recently posted…My Dream Spare RoomMy Profile

    May 9, 2017 at 12:46 pm
  • Reply Tabitha Beckett

    You picked up some great bits. I would love to know how the facemasks go, I really need to start investing in some facemasks as I’m currently obsessed with keeping my skin clear of impurities. Washing my face in the morning and evening is my favourite part of the day!
    I have also been eyeing up the vitamin e spray moisturiser, my friend has it and says it’s great when you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to worry about slapping normal moisturiser on!
    Summer Body, is great, it gives you a subtle glow and I use it almost every week to keep up a great (fake) tan 🙂 Can’t wait to read another post of yours Claire!

    Tab x
    Tabitha Beckett recently posted…Climbing SnowdonMy Profile

    May 15, 2017 at 10:34 am
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