Today I feel light. Open wings, take flight. No more worries, no doubts, Only love and heart flurries. Hold me, hands together, trace our lives on my skin. It was all worth it; now we begin.   Back to xoPoetry



All I can see, are your disappointed faces staring back at me. I’m sorry I’m not how you wanted me to be, I’m sorry I’m not the person you wanted to see. I’m not the person I wanted to be, When I look at myself I don’t like what I see. It’s cold and it’s […]

Thank You, Anxiety

thank you, anxiety

This may seem like a really out-of-place post compared to the rest of my mental health content. If you’ve read along with my University Series then you’ll know my mental health has brought a whole load of negativity into my life. I still get frustrated with my brain sometimes and annoyed that it doesn’t work ‘properly’ […]

Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by Tasha from It’s a Tasha Thing and Cassie from Zombie Goddess Beauty – thanks, girls! You can check out Tasha’s post here and Cassie’s here. This tag was created by OkotoEnigma and I’m looking forward to giving it a go!   Rules 1. Put the award […]

A-Z of Self Care


So I’m sure by now we all know the importance of self-care and looking after ourselves, but it can be hard to fit some me-time into our already busy schedules! That’s why I decided to make a complete A-Z list of self-care ideas, with each letter having at least one 5 minute task and another […]

This Time Next Year

I was nominated for this tag by the lovely Annaleid from Actually Anna and I am so grateful because this is one of the best tags I’ve seen! You can check out Annaleid’s post here. This tag is all about setting yourself goals for the next 365 days, which I love to do, so I can’t wait […]